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First published: 1 June 2022 by GKH;
Last update: 1 June 2022, by GKH/CHS


We are developing this web platform because we are convinced that 'cloudwork' will become an important segment of our future work environment - much more important than today.
The worldwide Covid-19 Epidemic has clearly demonstrated that many jobs can be done from home or actually from anywhere in the world as long as one has appropriate Internet connection.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Of course, there are still numerous challenges to working from home, while traveling, or from a residence in a foreign country: Employers may be concerned about productivity and work discipline; remote workers may feel isolated or left behind; tax systems may be unprepared for people living and working in countries other than the location of their employer; human resource departments might be overwhelmed with handling employees working remotely; and many other problems.

Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay

But there are also clear advantages of remote work: Employers can save expensive real estate for offices; can recruit talent worldwide and minimize administration. Remote workers can avoid time-con­suming and frustrating commutes; can live in rural areas or small cities with much higher quality of life or cheaper cost of living; or they may travel to interesting destinations while generating income through remote work.
We also should not forget the benefits of remote work for public welfare: Municipalities may actually save billions in public transport infrastructure - from roads and trains to subways and buses. From the Covid-19 quarantine one can easily deduce what enormous impact even small reductions in commuter traffic would have.
Finally, we also have to consider the huge benefit of remote work for the global environment - and in particular climate change. If only a small percentage of workers would eliminate their daily commute due to remote work arrangements environmental benefits could be significant.

Image by pixaoppa from Pixabay

This website is a work in progress - just as the emergence of remote work environment. We are certain that many ways of working remotely have not even been invented. We are also certain that current work-life-conditions are unsustainable and will have to change in coming decades.
Just consider the daily work commutes in our mega cities today (see images below)! Megawatts of energy, billions in infrastructure investments, square kilometers of valuable space, gigatons of greenhouse gases are wasted for nothing but transporting hundreds of millions of workers from their home to their place of work on a daily basis.

Image by Nina Stock from Pixabay

It's actually total madness! We are wasting human and natural resources just by moving workers to their place of work. In times of global climate change and serious degradation of natural systems, we have to invent other, more intelligent systems of connecting workers with their work.