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First published: 1 June 2022 by GKH;
Last update: 17 August 2023 by GKH

How to use AI effectively?

The number of AI platforms and applications is practically exloding. Here is a small selection:

  1. Generate Ideas
    These are the 5 best general purpose AI platforms for retrieving knowledge, generating ideas, preparing and editing text and many other tasks:
  2. Generate Websites
    These are the 5 best AI platforms for making websites:
  3. Assist in Writing
    These are the 5 best AI platforms for creating high quality texts. Write marketing content, blog articles, social media posts, sales emails, and website copy. Also use it to create ads, invent brand names or prepare effective business pitches.
  4. Image Creation & Editing
    These are the 5 best AI platforms for creating and editing high quality images. Use these for avatars, profile images, icon generation, wallpapers, cartoons, blog illustrations, gaming assets, license-free stock "photos", advertising, and artwork.

For effective use of ChatGPT allways follow these suggestions:

The key to effectively use of ChatGPT are smart prompts. Allways specify the following:

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